Choosing Your Credit Card In The UAE

Everyone knows it; having a credit card makes everything so much easier! No matter whether you accept card payments or make them, cards are the payment method of choice. You don’t have to carry cash around and you’re always in control of how much you want to spend, which not only makes space in your wallet but also increases your security. What’s more, a credit card can save you when there’s an unexpected expense or an emergency.


If you’re travelling, it also saves you the hassle of exchanging currencies and keeping up with exchange rates. This is true anywhere in the world, but today we will look at choosing a credit card in the UAE.


The selection on offer.


There are several options when looking for a credit card in UAE. The interest rate varies greatly, depending on the type and issuer, as do the related options and packages. Having a credit card also helps you establish a credit history.


As long as you’re responsible and keep up with the repayments there are several benefits, not least the ability to be given loans and higher credit limits.  To help you choose the right fit for you, we have explored some of the possibilities out there.


1. HSBC – Their credit cards offer protection and travel benefits. The travel benefits include accommodation discounts, travel discounts and airport dining. They also offer air miles for both local and foreign exchange spending.


2. Emirates NBD – This banking institute offers a wide range of credit cards to choose from. With the Lifestyle card you will receive exclusive benefits and rewards. The Reward cards offer you many luxurious lifestyle privileges. Their third credit card range is the Travel programme. With one of these cards, you will be able to experience travel perks and in class benefits.


3. United Arab Bank – Enjoy a loyalty program that offers many benefits, along with lifestyle rewards and travel privileges. They make getting a credit card in the UAE simple and straightforward.


4. Union National Bank – Whether you need money for an unexpected expense or you travel a lot, UNB offers credit cards that will suit any need. There are 3 main options to choose from. Premium Cards for lifestyle privileges, Co-branded Cards for exclusive supermarkets and airlines offers, and Everyday Cards for daily spending benefits and rewards.

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