Sponsored: 3 Types Of Video Content You Can Create Using Screen Recording

Startups nowadays are often caught in a bit of a quandary regarding videos. On one hand, the benefits of creating video content are clear-cut. Entrepreneurs know their value and want them. But on the other hand, creating conventional video content isn’t easy. In some cases, it can also be fairly costly.


One option that you should consider if you find yourself in this position is to use screen recording. It is comparatively easier to create videos using this method and it can be done even with small budgets.


Something else which you may not realize about screen recording is that you can use it to create several different types of video content, and your startup can benefit from that. In particular, there are a few popular types of videos that you could start with:


1. Expert interviews.


Few types of content have been tried and tested as much as expert interviews. Conventional interviews can be challenging to set up. The logistics involved in arranging a face-to-face interview and recording it could far outweigh the benefits.


To help solve this problem, screen recording provides you with a different option. With it, you can conduct the interview via a video call on Skype, Google Hangouts, or any other platform. The footage of the video call can be recorded with the screen recorder, and you can produce your content from it.


If you do choose to use this option, make sure the video and audio quality is good on your end as well as the subjects’. It may help to test it out beforehand. Be sure to also test the quality of your internet connection at the same time.


2. How-to video guides.


Video guides have proven to be a very popular type of content over the years, and it is easy to see why. The fact that they help people learn the skills that they need or solve problems they have makes them inherently valuable to viewers.


Screen recording is the perfect way to create video guides involving any digital products. By using it to record footage from your screen, you can easily show each step being performed. You should keep in mind that although the most frequent type of video guides created using screen recording is for apps, your startup can create them for anything digital. This includes ebooks, online services, and websites.


3. Product reviews or demonstrations.


Similarly to the way that screen recording can be used to create how-to video guides, it is also the perfect tool to create product reviews or demonstrations for any digital product. These two types of content have many common characteristics. They are basically designed to show viewers what a product can do. However, startups will often use them in different ways.


It is best not to review your own products, as that will be self-serving. Instead, you should review third-party products that you feel your target market could benefit from or would like to know more about. On the other hand, you could use demonstrations to promote your own product. It is normally best if startups position it on the product page, as it could impact a potential customer’s decision.


Learning how to make a tutorial video, expert interview, or product review or demonstration using screen recording is the easy part. All that you really need is a screen recorder, for example, Movavi Screen Capture Studio. Now that you’re aware of your options, the next step you should take is to weigh them and identify which one suits your startup the most. From there you can start to plan and produce video content of your own using screen recording. You could even explore other types of videos that you could create with it.

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